If mold and mildew have found a place in your home for whatever reason lately, say hello to pressure washing. This is by far the easiest, most recommended way to get rid of them. Painting the house and need to prepare it for a good coat of paint? pressure washing specialists is the way to go.

Pressure washing a home is safe for virtually all-siding products like vinyl, metal, brick, and sturdy board. Even so, your siding can easily be damaged if care isn’t taken. Low-pressure cleaning will keep it looking great.

Now, there are a few general rules to always keep in mind. 

Inspect First

Always inspect each area of your house’s siding to see if it has any flaws. Some parts will get more sunlight, while others will remain dumped for a longer time. Carefully look around the windows and doors to ensure sure seals are tight.

Use A Good Cleaning Solution

To clean the siding, a blend of cleaning agents is added into the water that’s sprayed onto the siding. If you want the more natural way, combine ½ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup laundry detergent and dissolve into two cups of warm water. 

Rinse With Water 

Remember to rinse off the siding with water before leaving the cleaner on the surface. Allow to sit for a considerable amount of time, then rinse off. It’s subsequently rinsed off after sitting for several minutes. Mouldy siding responds remarkably well to the cleansing power of bleach.

Grime, a typical guest at any home, invites itself over some time. Thankfully, it is not something that household cleaners such as multi-purpose cleaning agents cannot get rid of. A number of these cleansers are available at a local home improvement or a pressure washing shop.

Safeguard Your Plants And Delicates

You will need to safeguard plants, delicate items, and light fixtures using duct tape, drop cloths, and plastic bags. Whatever is in your paths such as lawn furniture and lawn items, you need to move away. Do not point or direct the machine wand towards anybody or pet. 

Know Your Pressure Washer

To Get Started, You Need To Understand That You Will Use Low Pressure To Wash Your Siding, A Unit Of 1000-1400 Psi Will Be Enough. Start On A Lower Pressure And Increase As Needed. 

You must make use of a particular point on the wand, occasionally called a house wash point. It’s a big hole that creates a lower pressure flow but with more volume. This may bring the psi down to approximately 300 psi.

It is a little hose you place into a bucket of cleaning solution. Remember to test on a small area first to ensure that your siding can handle it.

The best way to really clean your siding would be to spray at eye level. Ensure that you avoid spraying upwards so that moisture doesn’t build up under the siding. Also, avoid spraying at any painted trim or window. It’s worth noting that pressure washers can be strong enough to remove paint and that’s not a project you would want to undertake. 

When you’re done, ensure that you rinse each wall so that the cleaning agents don’t dry on the wall. Leaving the cleaning agents on the wall will eventually cause discolouration and this is the last thing you need.